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ترموتجهیز بازار تخصصی خرید و فروش آنلاین تجهیزات ساختمانی و صنعتی .

Iran, Islamic Republic of


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In the winter of 1999, we raised the shutters of the thermotajhiz online store. Thermotajhiz was born to choose everything you want in the construction industry from the variety of goods with open hands and with a few clicks and in a completely safe way.

The shutters of our store are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Because online shopping now shapes our lifestyle, we at thermotajhiz have provided a platform where anyone can easily register and offer their products in the thermotajhiz store under their own name and brand.
thermotajhiz is not a seller of any goods and is only a safe interface between sellers and buyers, we want life to be easier for you, everything is available and nowhere in our country, no one has trouble buying online the equipment they need, we want somewhere Let's get everything you want in the construction industry, big or small, without any hassle or cost.
We deliver your small and large purchases all over the country for free.
We have a ten-day money back guarantee for every item you buy, and we will support you until we make sure you have a satisfying shopping experience.
It is important for us that if you are looking for the original product, find it in the thermo equipment, we have shown you the original goods and we guarantee their authenticity, we have also made it possible for you to buy in installments.
At Thermotheques, we strive to keep all construction and industrial devices and equipment up to date.
Thermal equipment services to equipment buyers:
Expert advice for better shopping
Possibility of technical comparison for all devices and equipment
Update the price list of all site products
Online support and companionship after each purchase
Fast delivery to all parts of the country with 3 different shipping methods
Secure payment
Money back guarantee up to 7 days
Return of goods according to e-commerce laws

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