About Snug Solutions

Snug Solutions are the makers of PipeSnug. Finish quickly around pipes.

Snug Solutions
United Kingdom

PipeSnug​ is an innovative product that makes installing pipes easier and replaces the need to spend valuable time and resource ‘making good’ around pipes where they exit the wall.

Quicker, cheaper, and cleaner than mortar, silicone or expanding foam, PipeSnug can be used on any plumbing or construction project. It provides a professional, tidy, air- and water-tight finish to every job.

PipeSnug is used on boiler condensate pipes where they feed into 32 or 40mm pipes from the inside to help prevent freezing. PipeSnug can be used to seal the hole both internally and externally of the building. Our product is also used for standard waste pipes for kitchens and bathrooms.

We currently offer PipeSnug to fit 32 and 40mm pipes. The 110mm/4” version will be available very soon. Other sizes and versions for different applications are also being planned.

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