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Use your mobile phone to open your front door from anywhere in the world.

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Smarterkey is a rental property management tool that helps property investors manage their property remotely. Smarterkey gives higher ROI on rentals as there is no need for the traditional meet & greet.

Watch a simple video showing how Smarterkey helps Brian manage his property rentals remotely.

SmarterKey is developing a mobile app and a hardware device that open physical doors complementing traditional keys.

SmarterKey’s vertical is guest access control for the short term urban & vacation rental marketplace. The marketplace consists of private property owners, the hosts, and the 3rd party that rents the property, the guests. The market for SmarterKey has emerged as owners of private property and spare bedrooms move into the short term (daily) rental market on booking platforms such as airbnb.com (cap $2bn) or wimdu.com or housetrip.com . These hosts without the traditional Bed & Breakfast infrastructure have not got the staff or time to be present in the property waiting for guests to arrive for the traditional meet and greet to give them the house keys.

SmarterKey permits hosts to manage guest access control remotely via the SmarterKey mobile app. The same app permits guests to gain access to the host’s property, without the need of a meet & greet or the house keys. SmarterKey removes the need for a key to open a door, by putting a digitally encrypted “key” in the SmarterKey mobile app platform.

SmarterKey resolves a real life problem automating the meet & greet. SmarterKey is both time saving and more secure for hosts. SmarterKey allows the host to be free and continue with his day to day life instead of hanging around wasting his time waiting for guests to arrive. SmarterKey also helps guests to travel with peace of mind, knowing they already have the host’s “front door key” in the SmarterKey app on their phone. Guests arrive at the host’s property calm and relaxed without having to rush and panic to get to the meet and greet on time enhancing the travel experience.

SmarterKey is about convenience for both hosts & guests.

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