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RCZM are registered as a CIBSE LCC (Design) with 20 years of experience in architecture, the built environment and facilities management.

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[edit] 01 About RCZM

RCZM provide design services that promote sustainable building performance and design. RCZM are concerned with built environment management and design through understanding client business strategy, defining project objectives and assessing product qualities.

RCZM are registered as a Low Carbon Consultancy for Design with CIBSE with 20 years of experience in architecture, the built environment and facilities management both as a client and service provider. This provides RCZM with a holistic approach to sustainable building, performance and design that holds inspiring outcomes that informs, supports and promotes a value proposition.

[edit] 02 Values

Our built environment is the means by which we transform natural capital through an exchange of values that inform the framework for improving human and social capital through social ethics and culture to provide customer value.

RCZM look for synergies between the values in the proposition, value added, use, image, culture, environmental, social, performance, affordability and quality to meet customer needs. If building performance is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of occupants then value deteriorates.

[edit] 03 Vision

Sustainable building in architecture meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. CAPEX forms a fraction of the lifetime OPEX of our built environment: as well as energy RCZM focus on occupant wellbeing, performance and environmental sustainability to improve value.

[edit] 04 Goal

RCZM would like to see a sustainable future in support of the common good by facilitating less energy consumption differently through balance of the triple bottom line: the social, economic and environmental performance. To this end, RCZM value lean construction, evidence-based analysis and promote evaluation of performance, maintenance and operation experience along with synergy with occupants and the wider community (Saxon, 2005).

[edit] 05 Strategy

RCZM prefer collaborative and integrated design that considers operability as well as buildability, employing systematic measurement, simulation and analysis. RCZM work to create a good product through recognised process's through continuous improvement of our available skill-sets and analysis of strengths, limitations, opportunities and challenges.

RCZM are mindful of UK Building Regulations, CIBSE guidance, PAS 1192-2 and PAS 1192-3 BIM Level-2, UK Soft Landings and the RIBA Plan of Work 2013: the RCZM method aligns with these through Bioregional Analysis, Building Performance Evaluation, Low Carbon Design, IES-VE for Architects dynamic simulation modeling and Post Occupancy Evaluation and the desirable periods of after-care.

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