About Paolo Cammisuli (Italian Design Consultant)

Design Consultant for Buildings/Urban Areas/Landscapes/Interior/Lighting & Consultant-Curator of Art Exhibitions

Paolo Cammisuli (Italian Design Consultant)

I am an Italian architect, Design Consultant & Art Exhibitions Consultant-Curator. In my career 2 focal points: Architecture & Art. More than 15 years of experiences as Designer/Consultant of very large, medium and small projects and Curator of Museum Exhibitions. Fluent English, Greek & Working knowledge of French. Willing to travel during the week-month to join the workplace, when is needed. My Portfolio/ References on request.

- Design Consulting for Urban Areas, Landscapes, Buildings, Exhibitions, Interior-Furniture
- Consulting/Care of Museum Exhibitions/Art Collections
- Artistic Direction
- Consulting for artistic lighting
- Consulting for the security of museum exhibitions and art works
- Consultant for the elimination of design defects (aesthetics and functionality)

- As Designer Consultant I solve the design and functional problems of a project with the utmost attention to detail, until the end of the project.

- As Art Exhibitions Consultant I take care of international temporary exhibitions, managing thematic areas, how to exhibit the art works, their artistic lighting and their safety, giving the maximum emphasis to the exhibited art works.

REFERENCES: 1) Hellenic Deputy Minister of Culture & Sport;
2) Director of Alinea Law Studio in London (https://www.alinealaw.co.uk/news/)

- I Designed Urban Areas, 1 Port, Landscapes,Villas, Residences, 1 Museum, Art Exhibitions, Interior-Furniture
- Artistic Lighting Consultant
- Expert in design details

- Chief Designer & Curator of Exhibitions (Archaeological Finds, Modern and Contemporary Art, Luxury Goods)
- Heritage/Artistic Collection Consultant (Antique: Hellenistic & Furniture/Paintings from Middle Ages to Art Decò)
- Artistic Director
- PR expert
- Safety Inspector of Museum Exhibition Standards

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