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South Africa

Mxolisi Maome, Attorney, South Africa

Managing Director - Lead Consultant – Maome & Associates Inc.

  • Maome & Associates Inc. is a construction contracts consulting firm that provides legal and consulting services such as claims management, assist in adjudication, DAB in all forms of contracts NEC, FIDIC, GCC, JBCC, EPC, EPCM etc. The firm collaborates with other professional service providers in the construction, energy and infrastructure sectors such as project managers, quantity surveyors to mention a few. We provide contract implementation of contract and interpretation, drafting amendments extension of time claims emanating from review programmes.
  • The managing director has more than 15 years’ experience in the construction and engineering sector and provides training on various topics in construction contracts.
    • Key Services of our firm
      • 'Claims Management : Each and every construction contract has a regime for claims. Claims are therefore part of the contract implementation and optimization. Maome & Associates Inc. provides support in the formulation and defence of claims. Our approach is reconciliatory averse to conformation but solution oriented without affecting the project progress. We provide well considered and objective opinions and advice on claims.'
      • 'In our claim management strategy and dispute resolution, we attend to the following:'
      • Identification and formulation of claims
      • Issue proper notices for potential claims
      • Extension of time claims and resolution
      • Delay and disruption claims,
      • acceleration claims
      • claims for additional costs
      • Defence of claims on behalf of Employers
      • Assessing compensation events under the all NEC suite of contracts;
      • Provide support in dispute resolution forums:
    • Adjudication;
    • Mediation and conciliation;
    • Dispute Adjudication Boards; Arbitration; and Litigation
    • Contract Management and Administration
    • '''''''''''''Maome & Associates Inc. provides services in contract management and administration such as managing contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance at our clients Our contract management services assist to the lift the burden off the professionals in an organisation to focus on other aspects of the projects.''''''''''
    • ''''''''''In providing this services we collaborate and tea with the project managers an engineers and principal agents including any of employers’ representatives in the project. Our services in contract management and administration extend to contract negotiations, drafting and evaluating deviations, change orders, variation orders, and extension of scope and recording all amendments to the contract etc.''''''''''


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