About Mustafa Kemal

I am an architect and real estate developer seeking ai in aec industry

Mustafa Kemal

I believe in art & science. The most magnificant abilities that humankind can achive. I studied architecture and real estate development. It is a kind of art & science mix for me. Nowadays, i am working on developing algorithms and data science. I have such a passion to combine my skills and experiences with the artifical intelligence, to democratise the accessibility to good design, sustainable environment and better building solutions for most of people. For me, architecture is not only designing buildings. It is also building relations. It is a way of communication. Different phrases of culture. Architecture disciplines design thinking. Without architecture feelings, real estate development or investments would be just stones, marbles, steels, squaremeters; i mean only physical elements. As an architect and real estate developer i always try to create solutions covering quality, sustainability, functuality, economy and esthetic.

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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