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Dear Sir

I have started a contract with a Chinese lady to build an extension and loft conversion and refurbish the property.

She is the Client and also the Architect/contract administrator, during the works she hasn't got a clue she is 29 and a sales lady, things are going wrong she has employed her own contractors which the contract said she can, but I am the main contractor and she signed a document agreeing I have the final say in all matters, to her I don't think so.

we signed the Domestic Building Contract 2014. I found Asbestos in one of the rooms after the painter removed the wallpaper round the fire place, I asked everyone to vacate the premises until it is analysed, the client served notice on me for Abandonment and breach of contract for walking of the site. I tried to explain but she wont have it. She demanded all her own people go back or they wont get paid, she opend up the site and allowed then back in.

She removed the WC, removed the warning notice sign out the front, and allowed a plasterer to smoke in the premises.

Can she be the Client and contract administrator.

Your help in ansering my enquiry would be appreciated


Phil Penn.

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