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I believe a good solution for getting investors back into the property realm would be to show them ways they could make money off of them. show ideas of public works, local businesses, or even compact ways of producing green energy. local businesses could stimulate the economy on many levels that allow the public to enjoy the rapid growth in the commercial and residential real estate. along with the construction demolition businesses enjoying a healthy boost in work which hence means profits and a new face for Britain. this would also help investors flip homes and businesses for a profit. setting an example to the rest of the EU of redefining an economy.

Banks will also be more prone to lending when they see the economic burst and cash flow. more cash flow means everyone is happier, including the economy. as for leaving the EU, investments will become riskier, but at the same time the UK economy will be more independent of other economies, which will also help with the US cutting off the QE taps.

I'm obviously no professional at real estate markets or finances. but hopefully this idea could work and save everyone billions of pounds in the long run.



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