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When it was Declared that masterlensman Jason Hernandez helmed the Birdhouse movie that was new, everyone knew this was not likely to be a throwaway promo. This dude is cutting-fuckin'-edge! Flying robots? Yes! Total satisfaction from the filmmaker? Maybe not. http://skateszone.com/the-top-8-best-skateboards-for-beginners-reviews-2017/

What was different about filming for The Saturdays as opposed of Birdhouse?

This one is different because I did not Know anybody. That's huge since when I was transworld, we handpicked who we thought would work well and who was going to be in the video. With Nike, I got the job as time went on you also must know everybody and so that I already knew three to five guys pretty well. With this one, it was really bizarre. Just like high school, I have thrown that I had never met. To be honest, it was awkward initially since they are, all so tight and I knew I was an outsider. I felt somewhat uncomfortable. It came from me. It's not like they made me uneasy. It was just me being around men and women that are new.

Was there anything about not understanding, positive Some of those guys?

It kept me impartial. They didn't understand me and vice versa. Since I was not their buddy, maybe I could be a little bit sterner together.

What was your favorite part about creating this Video rather than other people?

I am not Certain how to put this group, although this Men are about getting that trick that is gnarly. These guys are actually not fucking around, although I understand this is a standard answer.

Can it be a different Kind of attention than other People you have worked with before?

Yeah and also, they're not pampered. When You're not pampered, traveling well, I think most of the time you toughen up. You might want to go night skate or might be out late but maybe you know that you have to, so you might head back there. But if you don't have that, in which you do not give a shit about moving back, where you are staying on the floor of someone, you might want to stick out later to get your trick.

What kind of gear did you use for this particular video? Lots of drones and cameras that are Red?

Unfortunately, a camera that is Red was used by me. You can Quote me on this, but I do not think Red cameras would be the right cameras for skateboarding. I use camera for skateboarding; name that is dumb and a Red Scarlet Weapon as my main camera. It right up is. People is hilarious.

Why are they bad? http://skateszone.com/

They are to crashing; they take problematic To start; they simply take up a lot of space. It is not the camera for the job, for filming these guys, in this scenario. Sure it's a fantastic camera, now if I went to do a skateboarding commercial and it is logical. But for the everyday grind, I do not think it's the correct camera.

So You Need to phone action for them to test a trick. It needs to be faster.

Yeah, exactly! It's not you, a movie camera know? Many people see the quality difference, but they do not give a shit about the quality difference, they are skateboarders. I am telling them to hang on 'cause the battery is dying or my camera crashed and when it is the heat of the moment, they're going to end up not enjoying the camera.

As they are about to it occurs Land a trick, huh?

You know how it goes.

Are you really satisfied with how everything arrived out?

I hope I don't sound like an asshole, but I am Going with everything in skateboarding is currently going today: to only say it with all honesty, I kind of don't know what is good anymore. I believe like social media actually doesn't help me either, 'cause I view exactly what kids that are not sponsored are placing on the world wide web, or exactly what the large outlets like Thrasher are posting and I look at those things thinking, "Wow, this really is fucking gnarly." I get concerned because if you make a video, you are making a claim that this can be better than a web video or whatever. I worry because I am watching this movie and I think to myself, are such tricks even great?

How was it working with Tony and did some cool Chances come along with it?

I have hardly worked with Tony! His Somebody else will edits part and it had been shot by someone at his workplace. I hoped that Tony could be filmed by me more, though.

I thought you would have been in the helicopter for him. http://www.scoop.it/t/how-to-choose-a-best-complete-skateboard-for-beginners

I wish! I didn't get the helicopter treatment. I didn't have him Lizzie, Ben and I from Portland to Washington. I had the Hawkman sitting Shotgun in my automobile. That was good! Whether or not those tricks even make it Into his part, I don't know. Most of his role is at his ramp. But I can't Think he's inventing shit still.

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