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Kicks in the pricks. weird perspectives. Common sense too much. Life unfolds as it has to. no boundaries.

Karan Gupta

Depletion is inevitable. But what we can do is transform the present situation into a favourable and livable one with the the basic amenities not being hampered. Initially the buildings were constructed for the basic need of shelter. Slowly the need for more took a turn to luxuries which the nature couldn't handle. We drifted away from the nature instead of realising that the true architecture is in harmony with the love of nature because it provides base, sun, wind and light to bring life to the sculpture of architecture.

Few points that I feel will sufficiently 'Make Buildings Better' :

1. Common Sense. Having priorities. Cutting off the unnecessary. High time to design for the beauty of relationship with the nature rather than the hookup with humans.

2. Context based. For Christ's sake every place on earth is different and it demands that in the buildings we place there. Like governments, currencies, systems, policies are different; the architecture demands to be different.

3. User+Nature friendly. Since industrial revolution the focus has been utilitarian, user experience enhancement, minimal old methods, steel and glass frameworks, structural. We forgot the nature in this madness. Now we need to let those two lovers meet again.

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