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The environmental impact from both raw material acquisition and the processes involved in making final products has lasting repercussions for everything on our planet. Plastic dominates our waste materials, so much so that as a result we have accumulated a Pacific island trash patch approximately the size of the continental United States. A myriad of products can be made for the building industry from recycling this floating debris. Photo-voltaic cells created from this material and retrofitted to structures in the form of solar collector/reflectors,accompanied with an economic incentive given to those invent or employ their use may provoke a new green technology boon. Roof tiles made of 80% rubber and plastic, insulate keeping solar heat out, while similar items (siding, shakes and decking products) can be used to complete an exterior. Water bottles filled with mud have been used as in-fill for wall construction, these plastic bricks offer structural support in both earthquake and flood zones. Mining this Pacific floating mass resource for reuse, may offer benefits in re-setting the Earth’s atmospheric and Oceanic temperatures, as the enormity of this island patch has certainly disrupted heat absorption levels and circulation paths for both.

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