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Japanese knotweed removal contractor. London and nationwide invasive weeds removal services.

United Kingdom

Japanese Knotweed Specialists are a PCA-approved contractor offering invasive weeds and Japanese knotweed removal services for development and construction sites in London and throughout the UK, namely in Essex, Kent, Sussex, West Sussex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Services offered include RISC approved and PCA accredited site surveys carried out by experienced knotweed surveyors. In order to ensure the plant is permanently eradicated and there is no re-growth, the roots have to be completely removed first. Ideally, services of a professional treatment company is commissioned to carry out the removal as in Britain knotweed is classified as controlled waste under the Environmental Protection Act from 1990. This makes it a legal requirement that the plant is safely disposed of by an accredited waste carrier.

Knotweed is an extremely invasive weed, able to grow by a startling 20 cm a day, thus often a rapid response and acting fast are crucial to prevent permanent building damage. Contrary to common belief, Japanese knotweed does NOT grow through solid concrete, BUT it does make the best use of already existing fractures and voids. Very often it causes further damage and breaks in concrete constructions if left untreated. Poor conditions of tarmac paving, brick set footpaths and any cracks in buildings encourage further growth of knotweed - and costs of renewing lifted up paving and fixing disrupted brick/concrete building constructions are much higher than the price of a knotweed treatment.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists have been previously commissioned to carry out commercial site surveys and complete bespoke knotweed removals by many companies in both private and public sectors. We regularly work with local councils, railway companies, property managers, estate agents and development companies nationwide. Due to the wealth of experience in the trade, we have been able to determine which knotweed treatment methods work best for different types of infestations, in order to deliver permanent and cost-effective solutions for construction and development sites.

For a small one-off fee, our insurance backed guarantee will cover your property for 5 or 10 years from the moment our knotweed treatment process is complete. For details on our services, or to book a knotweed site survey, please take a look at Japanese Knotweed Specialists website www.japaneseknotweedspecialists.com.

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