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My name is Giulia Ficini, I am eighteen and I am just moved from Florence to London to study Architectural Design Technology at the UEL.

United Kingdom

Sustainability is the main feature that all buildings should have in order to safeguard the environment, and reduce the waste of water and energy. Design a zero energy building is the best choice to protect our planet and the climate change, since the latter can be considered a consequence of the increasing of pollution from the building of the whole world.

My idea goes forward. Not only design a green, zero-energy, building but, create it with 100% of recycled materials.

This idea comes from to the fact that a building ca not be considered totally sustainable if the material and the foundation itself are not. Just thinking about a green house, is visible the great amount of concrete, glass, iron, timber and other more materials; but it is not always understood what is behind the production of the product itself. For example, even if the timber is considered one of the best material to build a house and a lot of sustainable house have it inside, it increase the deforestation. It means the only way to do not damage the environment is create a building with recycled materials, that as a matter of fact is also much cheaper than a sustainable or a standard one.

There are a lot of materials that giving them new life can be used to create a building, for example: glass bottles, tires, plastic, cans and paper. About 1.5 million of empty glass bottles were used in Thailand’s by the Thai Buddhist monks to build the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple completed in 1986. Tires can be a fundamental solution for a lot of different problems. They can works as bricks for the walls or foundation, since they have a great absorb stresses capacity, that can be used even in the seismic areas. Thanks to the isolate power the tires are useful in hot areas, but also in war zones because they resist to anime attacks. The Create House in Castelford is composed only by bottle crates that works as walls. Four years later, in 2010 in New York City were built the “Leaving Pavillon” made up with recycled milk crates used as surface for an edible garden. Cans can be used to design the interior to the building, such as furniture and details. The “Paper House” designed by the architects Ben and Daniel Dratz of Berlin is a house entirely composed of 550 bales of compressed recycled paper.

Wooden pallets, glass panel, frame and stones can also be recovered, as well as forsaken structure like containers, boats, barn and airplane.

My idea aim to realize a green building, zero-energy, made up exclusively with recycled materials, to reduce the pollution, climate changes and help to dispose the waste, but also to minimize the costs.

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