About Foreverstone

Stone mason, design builder, bike rider commuter, architectural student


How can we make buildings better...

...by changing buildings and altering our attitudes towards them.

Buildings should be designed with generations of people and the ages of time in mind to be truly beneficial to society. The embodied energy of construction should pale in comparison to the watts of power produced and zero emissions released, by design. Hydro, food, water, and oxygen are achieved through its innovative systems. Which are integrated and flowing with information, allowing portions of itself to stand still for time while others sustain and provide grounds for growth and life. Buildings will provide multi-use, interdisciplinary, constantly utilizable micro-systems that will be integrated into it's community. The new building is a producer not a consumer. And of course it'll be scaleable.

Buildings need to do more. We need to expect more from them. We need to reclaim the building as tools to make our lives better. Constantly being in-use even when sitting empty. Buildings spaces, walls, and its systems need to be providing benefits to society that go further than shelter for home, work, or play.

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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