About EuanEdelsten

I work full time and study Environmental Civil Engineering part time.

United Kingdom

For real change to happen there must be an incentive to change and a consequence for not changing. Unfortunately the good intentions of most people to be more green don't translate into physical change. So my proposal would be something to be implemented throughout all of the UK and is as follows. Homes are already placed into efficiency bands ranging from A to G, A being the most efficient and G being the least. I propose that houses that fall on the lower side of this scale should pay a 'tax', perhaps a bolt on to council tax, as a consequence of their inefficiency. This would create an incentive to actively decrease the emissions from your home and for every band dropped the 'tax' would decrease until you reached the threshold. This could be implemented along side a government scheme which reduces the cost for people in the 'tax' threshold to make energy saving additions to their homes. Any money gained from the tax could be put back into the scheme or put towards the renewable energy sector.

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