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The key solution for the present and future built environment is - architectural proactivness.

Creating systems in and for our built environment that are defusing human's effect on natural systems, becomes a way to gain advantage to the enormous climate/ecological disparity we have created on the planet.

Architecturally proactive structures are the ones to use a human and it's being in the structure to 100% transform his/hers leftovers into natural and usable elements. Think of it as a future lifestyle law!

A proactive structure can be designed with a symbiosis consisted of : green and blue algae, fungi, our waste ( organic, synthetic /toxic, sewage ) and gaseous elements, we humans, put out, as a group or individuals.

Green house glass structure ( think of a glass roof ), hold algal tubes to use day light to start photosynthesis to reproduce, being powered with a building's CO2, grey water and organic waste nutrients, they leave us with bio-mass transformed into bio diesel, which burnt, creates electricity with no toxic or gaseous waste.

The mushroom and fungi plantation, located bellow the algaes, takes the leftovers of the algal cycle. enriched with the e-waste and plastics, they create a symbiosis that breaks down the unbreakable - gold, silica, polyester. Separated, the toxic elements are safely removed from the environment and are reused. (A whole lap top is broken down by these creatures in 3 months... nice outcome!)

A botanical sewage plant, as a third element in this symbiosis, located bellow the structure where humans live, leaning and absorbing the elements and leftovers of above listed systems, transform our sewage into nutrients/ bio mass and water, used for algal/fungi plantations. The water gets distilled, through the heating process of algal diesel burning using heat, and we have a proactive structure that has the following impact:

- electricity created locally - system is applicable everywhere on the planet; algaes are in abundance as a resource; grey water is all we leave after; 0% toxic elements as a byproduct leaves the system; fertilizer is sold to generate revenue, as well as the electricity

- sewage waste broken down into drinking water + fertiliser

Toxic waste decomposed into elemental products - with byproducts used for natural systems enrichments as well as back on the industrial markets.

The system could be conceived as a doctrine for healthy living of us in our built environments. Whether we tie it to an individual, a city, or an industry, it should be seen as a symbiosis of our and nature's behavioural patterns, together creating a peace of eco- system, we as powerful and conscious humans seem to have forgotten to address in the last two centuries. It is the vision and the mission to bring for the generations to survive.

File:Golden Line - Environmentally proactive structure for LA

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