About Emma McDermott

United Kingdom

I have observed that the real character of the construction industry and the view from the outside very often doesn’t match.

Yes, often the market can be slow, viewed as a safer bet for longer term investors but there are examples of very fast, very successful property projects. The key to exciting investors is showing how changes to the brief, the design or the specifications can make a real change to the spreadsheet and in a positive way for both the quality of the outcome and the investor.

Projects that don’t rely on the slow incremental rise in house prices or land values, they add value through design by creating safe, efficient places where people want to be and that is why I believe we can show investors that property can be a great place to invest money when looking for short term dynamic oppertunities, not just long term gains.

Strong architectural design can make a real difference to the success of a new development, be it a housing scheme or retail park. By utilising the wide range of skills that Architects have, from place making to creating efficient floor plans investors can see that profits can be made in both the short and long term.

Designing for Value in the property industry could be the key to keeping investors interested.

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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