About Cris

I study International Relations at Coventry University .

United Kingdom

Climate change is the most threatening problem that we will face all over the world.In order to avoid catastrophic consequences ,we need sustainable buildings ,with low carbon emissions ,turn the buildings in green areas,plant on every available part of the structure ,walls ,ceilings ,roofs ,everywhere ,all buildings have to have solar panels for sustainable energy,and include machines that can turn the waste garbage into compost to feed the plants into the building.

Every building should have features to recycle water rain and also use it for the internal use in the buildings,and build big strong structures and foundations that could sustain the buildings during earthquakes, to be stronger and safer during hurricanes.The buildings should be build like a bunker but at the surface.We need to be sure that they are sustainable and strong ,they should be like an oasis ,green but with strong structure and a futuristic look.

Buildings need more attention when they are planned because they represent our shelter during good times and bad times, we need to invest more and to pay more attention to the future challenges and add features that could offer us more safety ,because they protect us and our families from the outside world and because we call these 'piles' of mortar and bricks our homes, therefore homes should be safe and secure against all challenges that await.

Nothing is more important for us then our families and building stronger ,safer and more sustainable buildings means investing in the future of our families.

Thank you!


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