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Im Christopher koutsoudes a second year architecture student. I love to design and try and create buildings that can stay timeless.

United Kingdom

The problem for me is not the investment of the housing market in the uk because there will always be interest in such a stable and developed country.

One main problem i find is that people are not finding enough places to develop in big cites such as Nottingham and London. We need to find more development ground that will interest parties to invest in the housing market. An example of an interesting site in London THE THAMES is a huge site right on the doorstep of London which as plenty of potential for development. This for me would be a great opportunity fro new housing developments.

On the issue of development we must as a country keep trying to improve our market by investing in such project like the HS2. These project boost the real estate and also help improve towns and cites property values as more people will be able to get to these places which spreads the money around.

This also helps with overpopulation which forces the property market to develop low income homes which are not friendly to the environment. If people are able to get to cites from homes outside of the city then areas that are neglected will be populated and rejuvenated which adds value to the properties markets and also helps investment because investors would recognise that people want to live out site the cites.

Now with the eurozone which does very much effect our housing markets as the more unstable the eurozone is the more the banks stop lending and stops people from being able to buy houses. This does however open up the renting market which every house developer is interested in. This will help people being able to have a home without having to worry about the mortgage.

We could start to develop the look of the property that we have in England as we are known for our Victorian style houses we could start a new trend using a different style or material that could help people want to invest in the housing markets if we can have a focal point such as energy saving or eco saving the planet one house at a time.

Flat pack housing could be a way forward in the uk house market as you are able to put up quickly cheaply and if need be take away and create something new. Creating different identities for different cites towns this will give England a focal point in the market as its something different.

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