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Aspiring Architect from the Philippines. I believe that everyone/thing has potential; it all depends on us if we were to go above and beyond


Algae-tecture: Introducing Algae Innovations For A Green Shift

Not just in UK, but the world as a whole is having a difficult time in adapting in our changing environment. Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions have been a problem and many researchers are baffled on how to minimize. An answer that I propose is to learn further and to utilize what we now know as "pond scum" and develop algae. Algae, much like plants, have photosynthesis capabilities. This makes them capable of carbon dioxide capture and oxygen release; which is another positive worth promoting. Another plus is its biomass production that provide alternative energy and wastewater treatment; which separates it from solar and wind energy which only provide energy. Developing it would also encourage in minimizing possible threats, like Algae Blooms, that can occur if algae is controlled.


Presented above is a summarized focus on algae-tecture. I believe Algae is an answer for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. An answer for a Green Shift.


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