I am Architect from Mexico, currently studying Msc. Renewable Energy and Architecture in The University of Nottingham, UK.

United Kingdom

Buildings could match better with our natural environment and have higher performance if their construction were all based on materials that at the end of their lifecycle would not affect the earth, which even could be part of the soil again. Like plants, they take the nutrients from the soil for their living, take advantages of the sun, water and air and give O2 when the plant dies it returns to the soil being part of it again making no damage to it. Construction could resemble the same process.

If technology and machines have been created it has been for comfort, for making things easier to us. Thus, I think that the damage to the earth is not just about making an improvement to buildings, it is about the people that use those spaces; it is about the culture, what people used to do in whatever building they are set. Therefore, I think there should be also a training for the change of mind in people; brief presentations in between any convention or event showing the damage caused when using different home appliances and any machines in daily activities and how those activities can be done by using different method reducing the damage. We are like children, we learn from what we see, the more we see the more you get into the idea and the more people get into the awareness the better.

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