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A charismatic Undergraduate Real Estate and Planning Student.

Aurora Barrett
United Kingdom

Making Buildings self sustainable and resilient against the oncoming Electric Magnetic Pulse (EMP).

EMP's have occurred and can reoccur in our generation due to the advancement of Military weapons and the potential for Nuclear detonation with North Korea, it was only September 2017 when North Korea launched threats to the United States about releasing such an attack.

Rather than just concentrated in the U.S there is the global threat of an EMP through terrorism, with the Paris, London and German attacks. Western Europe is facing it's biggest threat of malicious attacks from multiple sources, whether that be the terrorist groups in question or the minority of the public inspired by them. Of course, there is also the case of natural disaster like a large power cut on a main power line, lightning strike or even a solar flare.

For the built environment, this means the collapse of our Smart cities, the aim for automated vehicles and their perhaps positive impact on Real Estate would collapse with technical difficulties and even cause damage to built open infrastructure. The aim for developed technologies that we heavily rely upon, would mean loss of data for Companies leasing Office Space. The maintenance of ordinary life in Residential properties would be lost being unable to operate electricity, gas and water. It would mean chaos for the masses because of the dependent attitude the built environment has taken to Real Estate.

In order to encourage the Well being factor of any building and raise the class of Energy Performing Certificates ratings so that there is not only proper insulation, those using the space provided can have confidence in their safety, there will be no added stress from data loss, or the inactivity of technology.

There should be a set standard of making sure most buildings have access to their own solar panels for energy, automatic generators that cut off from the main power grid after storing a certain level of energy. Ensuring that energy will not be affected by an EMP. Ensuring that there is even an emergency water supply, to prevent the inconvenience of automated systems shorting out. Then there is the insulation of certain room that protect built in Back up data rooms for Office leased space.

Despite being more expensive surely occupiers will invest in the security and well being of their staff. Even Residential properties want to save costs of having to replace systems when an EMP is released.

This can also be resilient for the development of city blocks. One of the biggest fire safety check have been conducted in Tower blocks because of the Green Building fire earlier this year. Another form of insurance of safety is by having such EMP proof blocks that could prevent the problem of malfunctioning lifts that happened in the evacuation of the London Tower Block.

In conclusion Tomorrow's Challenge of EMP can be met with todays' buildings if they aim to establish grade A EPC and invest in self sustainable Buildings.