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Transclusion allows parts of articles on Designing Buildings Wiki to be included in other articles on Designing Buildings Wiki.

This might be useful for example if there is a definition or a quote in one article that would be useful in another. Transcluding the content from the original article means it does not have to be re-typed, or cut and pasted, it simply appears where you want it it. Then, if the original is changed, all other instances are updated automatically, making the whole site more consistent and up-to-date.

To transclude content from one article into another, edit the article you want to put the content in to and insert the following text at the appropriate location:

Transclusion instruction 1.jpg

[edit] Note the page name uses _ between words whist the section heading uses spaces.

This will insert all content (including text, images, links, tables and so on) from the section of the named page that appears between the named heading and the next heading.

Why not try it out on the test article.

It is also possible to transclude an entire article by inserting:

Transclusion instruction 2.jpg

However, transcluding an entire article should generally be avoided as this may affect search engine rankings.

The text below is the transcluded introduction from the BIM article using the following instruction:

Transclusion instruction 3.jpg

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