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Sui generis use class in planning

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order categorises uses of land and buildings. Developments may not be used for purposes that are not within the use class for which they received planning permission.

Changing the use of a development from one class to another may require planning permission, although changes of use may be permitted without the need for a planning application for certain allowable uses (for example changing a restaurant into a shop - see permitted development).

Sui generisbuildings are those that do not fall within any particular use class. The Latin term 'sui generis' means ‘of its own kind’.

Sui generis buildings include:

A material change of use from a sui generis use, or to a sui generis use, will require planning permission.

For more information, see Sui generis and planning permission.

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Doe's this included Dog and Cat grooming parlours?

That seems to be the case yes, but to be certain, ask the planning department of your local authority.