Last edited 21 Jul 2017

Featured articles and news

Building an extension

Single storey extension 280.jpg

Read our introductory article to building a house extension.

Infrastructure and the historic environment

St pancras station 290.jpg

IHBC article considers how heritage is dealt with when infrastructure schemes are authorised.

Building of the week


It was the tallest structure in the world for 3,800 years, but to this day the exact construction techniques are a mystery.

Understanding uncertainty


Every project is subject to uncertainty. How can construction better understand uncertainty for performance improvement?

Carbon capture and storage


Read our introductory article on carbon capture and storage.

Unusual building of the week

Binoculars Building280.jpg

Have a look at Frank Gehry's Binoculars Building in Los Angeles.

Beneficial infrastructure projects


How do we tell which infrastructure projects will work?



In 1900, 15% of global population lived in cities. Now it’s over 50%. Which is why we need ‘hydroinformatics’ to consume smarter.

Basement excavation

Basement excavation280.jpg

An introductory article to the techniques and methods of basement excavation.

Scotland's homes

Scotlands Homes Fit for Heroes 290.jpg

IHBC book review. Garden city influences on the development of Scottish working class housing.

6 revolutionary buildings for construction


Including a 3D-printed bridge, a vertical city, the world's most sustainable office, and more.

Manual drafting


An introductory article to the practice and techniques involved in manual drafting.

Architecture maps


Our review of three new architecture maps of Paris, Sydney and Belgrade.

The Secret Life of the Georgian Garden

The secret life of the georgian garden 290.jpg

A fascinating book explores why grand Georgian gardens contained so many buildings.

Future of the built environment


Have a read of this article exploring the future of the built environment in a revolutionary age.

Neighbourhood planning


An introductory article to neighbourhood planning and the stages involved.


Asbestos on a brownfield site 290.jpg

The risk of asbestos on brownfield sites.

Disruptive innovation


Is disruptive innovation possible in the construction industry?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


A market in information sharing will enable construction to generate new revenue streams and unlock productivity gains.

Planning permission

S300 neighbourhood-planning-960x640.jpg

Have a read of our introductory article to planning permission.

Jane Jacobs - discussion


Designing Buildings Wiki attended a discussion about the urbanist Jane Jacobs between Will Self and Owen Hatherley.

Companies and new digital tech


The CBI ask how ready are UK companies to adopt new digital technologies?



A detailed article looking at the techniques and practical uses of shotcrete technology.

Nuclear Dawn, Brixton


One of London's most striking murals could soon be permanently lost. Read about the local efforts to try and save this landmark.