Last edited 19 Aug 2018

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When mistakes become heritage

Venice cropped 290.jpg

Conservation in the heritage cities of Venice and Liverpool.

Kevin McCloud interview


Which room is the most fun to design? Find out the 'Grand Designs' presenter's unusual choice in our interview.

Types of building


There are many ways of classifying types of building. Have a look at our range of building articles.

Building LCA

Energy storage in buildings 290.png

How to get results with building life cycle assessment.

Developed design


'Developed design' is a phrase coined by the RIBA for their 2013 Plan of Work. But what does it actually mean?

Fixed price contract


Lump sum contracts can be referred to as ‘fixed price’ contracts, although strictly this is not correct. Find out more here.

Off-site construction


Ramboll offer guidance to civil engineers on how to make projects 'off-site ready'.

Armitage Rigby

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An overlooked architect who deserves to be celebrated for his wide range of buildings.

What is HVAC?


Read our introductory article to 'Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning' (HVAC) in buildings.

Data and infrastructure


Is data an untapped goldmine for productivity? How the infrastructure sector can capitalise on the opportunity.

Fire compartment


The spread of fire can be restricted by sub-dividing buildings into a number of discrete compartments.

Construction materials


Have a look at our large collection of articles about different types of materials used in construction.

Staying cool in buildings


With the summer heatwave continuing, BSRIA have compiled a list of tips for staying cool in buildings.

Civil engineers shortage


How can CEOs win the competition for talent? New research suggests the sector might be missing a trick.

Archaeology and conservation

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Technological advancement and professionalisation have brought new ways to investigate, analyse and interpret.

Empathy in architecture


According to U+I's Richard Upton, architects all too often favour prestige and process over empathy with client needs.

ICT in construction


An introduction to the use and application of information and communications technology in construction.