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Detailed guidance about construction waste management.

Construction acronyms

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Can you help? We have 300 industry acronyms beginning with 'C' but none beginning with 'Y'.

Floorscape in art and design

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From the sinister Carceri d’Invenzione to the triple portrait of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn and his Grand Tour travelling companions.

Design freeze: a quality perspective

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Progressively freezing a design helps ensure it meets the specification when built.

An adversarial industry

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Stella Rimmington famously said the construction industry was just as tricky as the KGB.



We have a lots of articles about lifts - this introduction is a good place to start.


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One of the most significant barriers to realising true value from digital transformation.

Earth, brick and terracotta

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A great reference text for dipping into, and an absorbing read.

Owen Hatherley interview


Owen Hatherley pulls no punches in our interview about his new book 'Trans-Europe Express' and much more.

A fragmented industry

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Construction is often described as 'fragmented' but what does this really mean?

Thinking inside the box

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How the Meath Court development is helping tackle homelessness.

Building sector failing on supervision


Senior ICE Scotland members discuss the 2017 Edinburgh inquiry which showed the need for more supervision on all sites.



In construction, ‘supplier’ is a general term which refers to organisations contracted as part of delivering a built asset.