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Featured articles and news

What is Modernism?

Brasilia Congresso Nacional270.jpg

Modernist architecture and its many international variations explained.

Stratego project


BRE support Europe-wide strategic heating plans for local and national authorities.

Concept design

Millennium Dome sketch.jpg

One of our most popular articles - RSHP's Mike Davies writes about the concept design process.

Building of the week


As Cuba mourn the death of Castro, major renovation of this symbolic landmark may be a reflection of the country's fresh start.



How cannabis plants are used to create an alternative building material with plenty of advantages.

Infrastructure and the Mayor

City for all londoners 270.jpg

What does Mayor Sadiq Khan's first policy statement mean for London's infrastructure?

Architecture maps


Designing Buildings Wiki has reviewed a well-designed and researched set of architecture city maps.

Building Live 2016


Designing Buildings Wiki attended the second annual Building Live conference, tackling the challenges facing construction.

Unusual building of the week


This strange example of 'sci-fi Brutalism' left abandoned in south Berlin.

Contract administrator


What is a contract administrator and what is their role in construction contracts?



Designing Buildings Wiki reviews a book aiming to further the debate on new sustainability thinking.

Cinema architecture

Phoenix auditorium270.jpg

Designing Buildings Wiki's list of the best cinema architecture in the UK.