Last edited 19 Jan 2018

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Indoor environmental quality


A new standard aims to bring together the key requirements for Indoor Environmental Quality.

General Data Protection Regulations


What will the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) mean for you when they come into force in May?

High density homes

Homes for londoners hale village.jpg

High quality and high density homes - is it what we need or is it storing up trouble?



What is liquidation and how does it apply to contractors in the construction industry?

Private Finance Initiatives


With PFIs currently under the spotlight due to Carillion, this introductory article explains what they are.



As Carillion collapses, read our article explaining insolvency in the construction industry.

Towns and cities in history

Gardenvillages 290.jpg

1961 saw the publication of three important books about urban design that remain relevant today.

Digital infrastructure


How the transformative power of BIM and other digital technologies can be used to gain a competitive edge.

Relevant events and relevant matters

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Relevant events and relevant matters are terms used in some contracts, but knowing the differences is important.

Health in garden cities


A summary of the Town and Country Planning Association's new Practical Guide on health in garden cities.

Megatrends - urbanisation


BSRIA launch a new report looking at the megatrend of urbanisation - is it a double-edged sword?

Architects Benevolent Society


ABS provides access to practical support for architecture professionals experiencing anxiety and stress.

Key performance indicators


What are key performance indicators and how can they be used on construction projects?

The country house

The Country House material culture and consumption 290.jpg

A collection of essays published by Historic England consider country houses from the perspective of material culture and consumption.

Chartered Member - case study


Architectural technologist Ben Whitemore writes about his route to progression and becoming a Chartered Member of CIAT.

Patent defects


Defects are aspects of works that are not in accordance with the contract. But what specifically are patent defects?