Last edited 22 Oct 2018

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Prime contracting


A form of procurement where the contractor provides a single point of contact for a supply chain.

Mortar analysis for specifiers

Mortar samples 290.png

Analysis can help develop a specification, but must not lead to inappropriate specifications being accepted.

Smart home checklist


Dos and don'ts for creating a smart home.

Lead times


Lead times are a measure of the amount of time that elapses between initiating and completing a construction process.

Transport networks in winter


How to ensure UK transport infrastructure copes with severe winter weather.

Party Wall Act


Under the Party Wall Act a property owner has the legal right to do works that might otherwise constitute trespass or nuisance.

The talent pool in the LGBT community

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The rainbow JCB will be making a welcome return to the London Build Expo on 23 and 24 October at Olympia.

External works

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An introductory article to external works - all activities carried out to the external environment of a building project.

Lime mortar for conservation

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The focus is generally on the lime binder, but the aggregate is actually the most significant element.

Planning construction projects


The importance of communication, collaboration and simplicity when planning construction projects.

New legislation and guidance

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BSRIA provide a top 10 list of recent legislation and guidance affecting buildings.

Norman Foster


Record third-time winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize - our profile of one of the world's most celebrated architects.

Information release schedule


A release schedule is prepared if not all required information has been prepared or issued when the contract is executed.



Formwork is the term used for the process of creating a temporary mould into which concrete is poured and formed.

Designing for cycle traffic


ICE look at how engineers can create infrastructure conditions where anyone and everyone can cycle.