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WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE: Self-Development and Career Advancement for Mid-Level Professionals

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new report,File:SGC-Mid-Level-Female-Architects-Self-Development-2020.pdf

This piece of work has taken shape over the course of several months – starting with a series of structured interviews with female architects and culminating in the findings, advice and recommendations as set out in the report.

It aims to tackle the following issues:

  • What is the current ‘state of play’ for mid-level female architects?
  • What needs to change for them to have the best prospects and opportunities for positive career advancement?
  • What can female architects do towards their own self-development?
  • What can the workplace do to help more efficiently with their career progression?

The report draws out several key themes, including:

  • The time available for women to work on their personal self-development
  • The help they get towards this from workplace management
  • The opportunities given to mid-level female architects in comparison to male peers
  • The issues around confidence for women at this stage of their career
  • The perception that they must consistently prove their worth
  • The recognition of a need to communicate strongly and make themselves seen and heard

How satisfied are mid-level female architects with the speed and path of their career growth? How do they work on self-development, training and opportunities for promotion? How do they perceive their growth alongside that of their male peers? These questions and more are assessed and analysed in my report.

It is available now in PDF format, featuring a foreword by Anna Schabel (chair of Women In Architecture), an Introduction, Executive Summary, individual sections for the 10 interview questions, plus a final Summary.

Download the report File:SGC-Mid-Level-Female-Architects-Self-Development-2020.pdf

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