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United Kingdom

New buildings are being designed to reduce there impact on the environment but, to my knowledge, nothing is being built to improve the environment and remove air pollutants.

My ideas is for the Government to introduce industrial air purifiers in cities to reduce air pollutants and improve the nature environment. The air purifies can be disguised as statues or mini structures and can be used to educate the public and also increase the amount of tourism.

My idea is simple and can be financed by increasing the amount of money collect through S106 planning permission agreements.

Even if my idea isn't selected, the principle of using additional funds to improve the environment and air quality still stands.

I think its disgraceful that Oxford street in London can break annual air pollution levels within one week of the new year. Measures need to be taken to remove / reduce the amount of air pollutants people are exposed to.

The idea of increasing tourism comes from the Shaun the sheep trail walks in Bristol and London.


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