About Raffaele De Angelis

United Kingdom

With the technology available we can now focus entirely on space and its quality. We can design space enclosure where actually every element will be actively participating to the performance (yes, even when it is a passive element).

In order to make this happen the conceptual boundary that traditionally exist between the inert building elements and the building systems/ services must be demolished. Every structure and element participate as a membrane, an enclosure or a mass volume.

We then need to rethink our basic building block. The wall is no more, it is the space with its Fresh or used Air, its temperature, humidity, energy flows and storage. The whole building is a system and we design the thermodynamic electromagnetic flows to and through it for lighting, visual comfort, thermal comfort, air quality and noise control, etc. all dynamically calculated, simulated and continuously adjusted as for a living organism. The organism collects, stores and transforms energy in different forms for the environmental comfort of the occupants.

Energy and resources are shared and exchanged within the wider networks of the human habitat. Through this comprehensive approach already well established and feasible, it is mathematically very possible to reverse the impact on the environment to a positive one

Designing Buildings Anywhere

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