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Always looking ways to preserve trees and avoid the unnecessary quarrying of rock and other irreplaceable natural resources.

United Kingdom

I started PowerCem Technologies in the UK, after I meet Robin De la Roij in Moeredijk, the Netherlands. Robin had spent many years looking for the Philosopher's Stone, not to transmute base metal in to gold. But to transmute in-situ site soils into a material that would resist abrasion, degradation and displacement under loadings in all kinds of weather and retain those properties indefinitely.

He has surely found exactly what he was looking for, UNESCO believe so with their praise and approval of RoadCem a complex blend of Noble and Noble metals which together with synthetic Zeolites has brought Nano technology to soil stabilisation..

It can be used to replace stone and imported gravels and sands as the base element for roads, compounds, piling and crane mats and all working platforms.producing soils layers of Zeolite concrete with the capacity to carry heavy design loadings with high durability, which will remain crack free and waterproof.

Every responsible contractor should be looking to use existing site materials, even weak or organic top soils. Dig and dump, followed by quarry, crush and truck is not sustainable any more and not necessary.

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