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The neck region is the most mobile area of the spine. It is made up of vertebrae that extend from the skull to the upper back.

The bones, ligaments and muscles of the neck support the head and allow it to move in different directions whilst offering stability. When any one of these structures are injured, we experience neck pain

The increased mobility of the neck often makes it more vulnerable to injury or pain. Neck pain is common. 2 out of 3 adults will experience neck pain sometime in their lives.

Often the problem can be from poor posture with some neck muscles being more strained than others. The way we sit or stand or hunch over our work desks can have a considerable affect on our neck muscles. Increased phone and tablet use is also linked to neck problems

Sometimes it can be from acute trauma such as a whiplash injury or a sudden impact such as a fall

It can also be related to occupation and age. Age related neck pain is often due to Arthritis.

Sometimes neck pain may be an indicator of more serious problems and in these cases it is important a through examination and imaging is performed by a doctor


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