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How to keep investors interested in UK property, in order to get the answer to that we have to go some steps back. In order investors to invest they want people who are going to buy/rent. In order those people do buy/rent they need money. Banks lend money but the amount to be covered sometimes is not enough even in one lifetime. The whole world is based on buying and renting. If you had to pay a loan in just 5-10 years everyone are going to be happy people-banks-investors. So i think the only way that will help the whole world is if people were using materials to build that their lifespan is up to 15 years and they are recycling ones. In that way prices should be cheaper for the materials since their lifespan is up to 15 years, loans were going to be cheaper and people were going to pay the loan back soonner and were going to enjoy their houses for 15 years. So they do not buy the land in order to built but they rent it for 15 years and they built on it and by the time the 15 years pass or they rebuilt a new house or an another family builts there, in that way by reducing the lifespan of the building more jobs will come up for the contractors-builders-architects etc and you keep the money flow in the market. Because for me the problem is that people except that some are poor most of them are terrified by the crisis they hold tight their money they dont spend so the money dont flow so they reduce the number of jobs. So to sum up, lowering the lifespan of the buildings and lowering the cost of building a building,because of cheap materials that stand for up to 15 years, people are going to pay less money to build it, so affordable loans since paying them back reflects to less years of repaying them (also there is a big gap in many years time in order the todays interest of the bank and the overall cost reaches the height of nowadays cost of building a house) . So people ask, investors invest, building is being created in 15 years time, you got twice more jobs (building-destruction-building etc), so in that way you solve part of economic crisis, you make people happy and life more affordable.

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