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1.Concentrate on innovation into new markets - Companies pay alot of attention to innovation through technology and people, leaving innovation through new markets or oppotunites at the bottom of their agenda. Showing that a company is interested, not just in their own well-being but in the respect of the market as a whole, may attract much needed investment.

2. Theres is generally more interest in property and the housing market since the government intervention of Help to Buy, and investors should be looking at how the government can support/aid them in anyway; as government is a stong and secure means of funding. The government is currenrtly working in partnership with the construction industry, due to their contribution to the UK Economy, with an aim of supporting the much needed growth of the UK economy. This includes the trial of new procurement routes and general support for the industry as a whole, with specific concentration on the housing market. (The construction 2025 aim actioned by governement will need to be met, so surely there is an oppotunity here for long-term investment?)

3. Finally, the industry should demonstrate a need to support not just thereselves but also the whole supply chain; as Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) are key to the delivery and output of new property.


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