About Emily Smith

I am a 2nd Geography and Planning student at The University of Sheffield

United Kingdom

How do we keep investors interested in property in the UK?

The answer to this is simple: by keeping property evolutionary. Investors are looking for investments where they can be assured they will make a return on their money. The only way to do so is to make sure spaces can be constantly manipulated, moulded and improved to suit various different needs/industries. If a property is set and cannot be adapted over time then the availability of uses for said property will be extremely limited.

As a Geography and Planning student, I believe that the restrictions of changing the use of a property need to become lessened. If restrictions on changing the use of a particular property were looser then investors will view property as a much more appealing investment. In an economy where industries are constantly going through change, success and failure the option to change an area of industry needs to be available to investors in order to keep the economy within the UK ticking by. In a particular industry fails the properties ability to be adapted into a different industry will keep employment rates, productivity rates and therefore profits up. Therefore making property a much more successful return for investors.

I believe this how we keep investors interested in property in the UK

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