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[edit] Zenonia 5: The Return of a Great Japanese 2D Role-Playing Game

The fifth version of the famous Zenonia series is called Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny. It is the number one role-playing game in 25 countries around the world. ==

Legend has come back, Zenonia 5 version has been released by Gamevil on the Android operating system called Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny.

Zenonia 5 can be considered the best improving version of this series.

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[edit] Storyline

In this role-playing game, the storyline started in a period of time after Regret (in the previous version) won against Shaturu. At that time, Lu was the king of the country and established peace for a long time.

But after that Zenon world again faces unrelenting hatred, widespread corruption, and evil enemies.

You have to bring back the world order by fighting and winning the rapidly growing Devil Tribe with remarkable speed that affects human life.

Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny

[edit] New characters

We get to see four new characters: Abel (Berserker) - a swordsman with a giant sword with significant damage, Evan (Mechanic) - uses long-range weapons such as guns, Neal (Wizard) - shoots far away but with spiritual strength and use of trunk trees and Ryan (Paladin) - uses the sword and shield.

Any class you choose will affect the gameplay. You can customize your character with different skin tone and hairstyle.

If you want to change the look of the Avatar, you can buy with Zen which can be purchased with money.

[edit] Gameplay

In this game, all player data is stored on Gamevil's home page, meaning that players can not access the game without a 3G or Wifi connection.

Like all Zenonia games, the gameplay is quick to grasp and soak in. The mechanism is simple to familiarize, and you will not have difficulties playing. In this version, your third attack will do the most damage.

The combat system has a few minor improvements such as a refreshing scroll button which makes it easier to control. Next is the quick-slot button and eye catcher button. You can use the quick slot buttons to attach the skills you learned and have up to 8 buttons to replace.

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[edit] Wonderful gameplay in Zenonia 5

[edit] Graphics

Let’s say, the 4th version brought the graphics of the game to a new peak, Zenonia 5 is a revolution that surpasses that peak.

The game characters are louder and more detailed, so you can clearly see the character's movements and facial expressions. Having a sharper look at tools and character appearances will please gamers who like to collect weapons and equipment. The background and monsters are entirely new.

[edit] Less attractive points

There are no voice conversations, even in the introduction. And one issue that needs to be addressed is the amount of Zen that has been used by Gamevil to collect money from users' pockets thoroughly.

Items like resurrection are always essential even for hardcore gamers, you know, one hit K.O is a regular thing in Zenonia. The other stuff if you want to have, you have to look for the amount of Zen.

Finally, when ignoring that, Zenonia 5 is definitely a JRPG that nobody should try. A brand new platform blows your whole new experience for this wonderful series. Visit our store, download now and rescue the world!

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