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Timing is everything, you need a clear head, train, workout, collaborate with others, if you are going to land on your feet ‘and there is a good chance you will land on your face’ you need to have a goal, and your efforts need recognition. in order to achieve your best your host needs to be a collaborator, a supporter, a brace to lean on when you don’t make it. Imagine a workplace where collaboration, teamwork, challenges and recognition are clearly defined and documented and your victories celebrated. Imagine an unbiased mentor supporting your development. The connected world has changed expectations on the way the workforce interacts with colleagues and supervisors, expectations that effort is rewarded, that goals are clearly defined, that a communication is effortless and immediate, that resources are continuously available. And the rewards for the host are loyalty, productivity and harmony. The factors that influence our behavior are individual, varied and forever changing. An unbiased firewall that allows individuals to freely develop in the connected world is not only achievable it is preferred; every individual has a better chance at achieving their personal best when positive culture replaces workplace biases. To accomplish this by bringing together the fragments of task setting, communication, career development and social interaction into a form that has equal value for everyone. At TIGR we have one simple belief that with job empowerment and career development, productivity will follow; we endeavor to simplify the art of connecting with your workforce in a meaningful way by building tomorrow’s workforce in a connected world. We are in the #spaceage where clear expectations are documented and achievements recognized.

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