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The idea is to create an alarm for carbon connected with devices that emit carbon emissions as a standard installation, the same as fire sensors. With this tool on any building, users are directly made aware of carbon emissions that he produces every day. There will be a modest reward for those who managed to keep their carbon emissions remain low on a certain time period. And there will be sanctions for buildings that generate excessive carbon emissions. Sanctions are, the government sent an agent who will teach them to reduce their carbon emissions (assuming they do it unintentionally, more because they do not understand). These agents should be ignored and it will be taught in detail and report in detail to the authorities. Their arrival agent shall give him lunch as compensation. The agent is the students recruited by compensating lunch, tuition fees are cheaper and rewards as other agents. In case of violation of more than 3 times, then the next warning will be harder, for example by paying fines

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