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United Kingdom

In brief, I would suggest building and promoting homes which are designed for the future and reduce long term costs and dependence on fossil fuels etc. Homes which are super efficient, low maintenance, low cost in the long term and can adapt to future environmental, economic and energy conditions.

New homes should use materials which are durable, insulating and easy to keep clean and maintain. Should require little energy input due to construction materials such as extruded polystyrene, foam glass etc., be environmentally friendly e.g. reuses rainwater and some wastewater, lights with motion sensors in kitchens and bathrooms, encourages home growing and composting, includes very safe places to store bicycles etc.

Interiors should have lots of storage space and living spaces with clean lines and as few ledges, nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to accumulate - low maintenance. Obviously as much natural light as possible.

Energy efficiency is crucial as energy prices rise so cleverly designed climate control and ventilation systems should be included from the beginning. They should have space allocated for installations of heat pumps and other energy and power solutions - perhaps a basement space? Roofs angled towards the Sun for future solar installations etc. How about conservatories that double as greenhouses?

If investors see how such properties will be more and more in demand, due to increasing awareness of energy and environmental issues and adequate promotion, and how well the UK will be better adapted in the future, then it will be worth investing perhaps with a more long term vision.

Hopefully by December my ideas will be better honed, but thanks for the opportunity! Alison Palmer

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