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We're already starting to talk to technology, not in a metaphorical sense but quite literally speaking to our hand held devices. My father is a website designer, we spoke one day about his work and he mentioned how the future of websites is spoken word and not mouse clicks. He said "in the near future people will be speaking to their televisions to navigate websites". At first I found this absurd but then realised he may be right; we're only a step away from doing that at the moment.

My idea stems from this, and the implementation of spoken word in commercial buildings. We've seen smart homes come online recently where we can ask our home technology to dim the lights or turn up the heating, so why shy away from the opportunity presented in commercial buildings? Presentation rooms which can 'dim the lights' when asked, lifts that can 'go to the second floor', people working at their desks that can 'shut the blinds' or 'put the kettle on', reception areas that can 'call a taxi', toilets that can 'flush' (okay maybe not that last one).

We're steps away from a Sci-Fi fantasy being implemented in today's buildings, its also user intuitive, suitable for people with disabilities and steps away technology wise. Added bonuses include improved user satisfaction and comfort, improved workflow and energy saving capabilities.

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