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Your website looks good, but I think a spell checker may be useful. (There is a spell checker in the text editor - incorrect spellings are underlined in red - DBW)

Not clear whether I can be self promotional in my 'page about me'. (Yes you can - just not in your articles - DBW)

The orange hyperlinks make the text difficult to read. (This has been changed - DBW)

I like the way that you keep articles factual but allow them to have author's names in and link to a promotional page, it seems a very clever way of allowing ownership of ideas within a professional forum.

Hats off to you - this is just the kind of initiative the industry needs. So many professionals I work with (I include myself in this) find they need specialist information which impacts on their work but is outside their specific area - and until now there's been nowhere to find it. I expect your site will become the secret reference for every professional before long!

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