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Do you have to comply with Government’s notional building types?

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[edit] Do you have to comply with Government’s notional building types?

HVAC strategies are set for a substantial shift next year, as Part L 2021 moves compliance towards the electrification of heat. With Government putting forward their idea of what new homes and buildings may look like, we review how much flexibility you have to create your own design.

[edit] What is a notional building?

A notional building is a theoretical design of a compliant building. It is intended to be an aid to designers, showing how compliance might be achieved. As an aid, it is only providing an applied example and does not mandate certain technologies. So long as a development meets the required performance targets and minimum standards within Part L and other Approved Documents, the strategy used to achieve this can be specified by the building designer and need not mirror those used in the notional building. This grants designers and specifiers greater flexibility to ensure the project uses the best technologies for each individual project and stops industry being locked into a single option.

[edit] Complying with Part L 2021

In 2019, Government launched the consultation for the Future Homes Standard including the proposed 2021 updates to Part L of the Building Regulations for new residential developments. This is expected to become legally enforceable June 2022, with future targets set for a further change in compliance in 2025. As a HVAC manufacture, we have now helped countless developers, housebuilders and consultants understand what these changes mean and the solutions available to them to create a compliant building in the future. We have modelled multiple solution offerings to help you benefit from electrification whilst retaining choice. Whether you’re looking to employ heat pump technology or direct acting panel heaters, we can provide options. Download our guide or request our CPD to find out more about the Future Homes Standard, and how the Building Regulations such as Part L are changing for residential dwellings.

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