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Characterising Neighbourhoods

Characterising Neighbourhoods 290.jpg

Exploring local assets of community significance. Book review.

Thatch fires

Tatched roof fire 290.jpg

Wood-burning stoves should not be used in thatch-roofed buildings.

The British Mosque

The British Mosque 290.jpg

Book review of an architectural and social history.

Historic urban landscape

Visby 290.jpg

Conservation and sustainability on the island of Gotland in Sweden.

Conserving Europeanness

Historic map of europe 290.png

Re-imagining a community and achieving reconciliation.

Conservation of Architectural Ironwork

Conservation of Architectural Ironwork 290.png

A well-thumbed copy should be on the shelves of all conservation practitioners.

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust

Workshop in the village of Karpachevo 290.png

Training through partnerships on practical projects.

Nordic heritage

Roskilde Cathedral 290.png

The world heritage list has evolved to embrace built, cultural and natural heritage.

Conservation in Germany

Frauenkirche Dresden 290.png

Whilst apparently confusing, German conservation is actually not that different.

Municipal dreams

Municipal Dreams - the rise and fall of council housing.png

The rise and fall of council housing. Book review.

Brexit and heritage research

Loket 290.png

Funding for future research programmes remains uncertain.

The East End in Colour

The east end in colour 290.png

Book review. Bringing drab scenery and harshness of life into the realm of serious art.

Heritage and Brexit

Colston Hall 290.png

Acknowledging and challenging the realms and interpretations of heritage.

International heritage policy

The church of San Francesco in Gubbio 290.png

More than just aesthetic and historic values and meanings.

New Design for Old Buildings

New Design for Old Buildings 290.png

An exciting and novel collaboration between the RIBA and the SPAB.

Historic England free download

Hardy plants and planting 290.png

Hardy Plants and Plantings for Repton and Late Georgian Gardens (1780-1820).