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Our Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall 290.jpg

Restoration of Alfred Waterhouse’s Manchester Town Hall.

Durham Cathedral

Durham cathedral 290.jpg

Widening access to hidden architectural treasures.

Technology in the Country House

Technology in the Country House.jpg

An invaluable book for everyone involved in conservation.

Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight door design 290.jpg

Developing a local listed building consent order to manage change.

AWN Pugin

Oscott college 290.jpg

Making Britain gothic.

Strategic urban planning

Urban design input to a local plan 290.jpg

Using the design skills of the conservation team.

Historic lighting in Bath

Lanterns and overthrows in Great Pulteney Street 290.jpg

Replacing lanterns and overthrows in Great Pulteney Street.

Scottish heritage

Inverness High Street and Town Hall 290.jpg

Will market-led regeneration work without state intervention?

The health of a Victorian town

Abbey pumping station 290.jpg

The redevelopment of Leicester's sewerage system by Joseph Gordon.

United Free Church of Scotland

Design for Manses in the Highland Districts 290.jpg

A standard design for manses in the Highland districts.

JW Evans silverware factory

JW Evans silverware factory 290.jpg

A conserve-as-found approach in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Scotland’s west coast

High Trodigal 290.jpg

New architecture inspired by a familiar vernacular.

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings

Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings 290.png

Servicing the world’s first iron-framed building.

Historic Environment Scotland

Survey work in South Uist 290.png

Placing communities at the heart of its work.

Preservation campaign

Heritage assets.png

Communities across England are being encouraged to nominate heritage assets.

Orkney gables

The Pier Arts Centre 290.jpg

A balance between character and climate.