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Identity through imitation

Historical versus Modern 290.jpg

A return to historical forms and local identities. Book review.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Beach Cemetery 290.png

Caring for graves and memorials at 23,000 locations.

Kensington Palace

The Story of Kensington Palace 290.jpg

A complicated building lacking a unifying discipline. Book review.

Royal Ordnance Factories

ROF thorpe arch 290.jpg

Facilities close to centres of population but out of reach of enemy bombers.

Value in the view

Value in the view 290.jpg

Conserving historic urban views. IHBC book review.

Conserving designed landscapes

Queens park crewe 290.jpg

A complex assortment of organic, built, natural and modified features.

Marketing heritage assets

IHBC toolbox.jpg

IHBC publish an updated guidance note.

Heritage value

Heritage value 290.jpg

The theory and evaluation concealed within professional judgment.


European Architectural Heritage Year 290.jpg

Can the heritage of Europe help to integrate the UK?

Aerofilms archives

Englands railway heritage from above 290.jpg

England’s railway heritage from the air. Book review.

Dorchester on Thames

Dorchester on Thames from the air 290.jpg

Identifying interim heritage areas for a neighbourhood plan.

Our Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall 290.jpg

Restoration of Alfred Waterhouse’s Manchester Town Hall.

Durham Cathedral

Durham cathedral 290.jpg

Widening access to hidden architectural treasures.

Technology in the Country House

Technology in the Country House.jpg

An invaluable book for everyone involved in conservation.

Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight door design 290.jpg

Developing a local listed building consent order to manage change.

AWN Pugin

Oscott college 290.jpg

Making Britain gothic.