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New town heritage

Mother and child basildon 290.png

Reminding us what is possible.

Heritage pubs

Britains Best Real Heritage Pubs.png

1 minute review of CAMRA’s guide to historic drinking dens.

French new towns

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 290.png

Their complex heritage remains largely unknown.

History of conservation areas

Chartres Street Vieux Carre 290.jpg

First pioneered in the USA and then France.

Historic Cities

Historic Cities issues in urban conservation 290a.png

A masterly survey of urban conservation issues.

Nová Dubnica

Nova Dubnica 290.png

Socialist realism in a post-war Czechoslovak new town.

Post-war new towns in Germany

Walter Womacka mural 290.png

Housing 12 million displaced people.

Old Buildings, New Architecture

Old Buildings New Architecture.png

The work of Richard Griffiths.

Boom cities

Boom cities.png

Architect-planners and 60s urban renewal.

War memorials

Isandlwana 290.png

The custom of commemorating the fallen is relatively new.

Authentic reconstruction

Authentic reconstruction.png

Authenticity, architecture and the built environment. Book review.

PAS 2035

Extinction rebellion march 290.png

Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency.

The World Recast

The world recast 290.png

70 buildings from 70 years of Concrete Quarterly. Book review.

An early stressed-skin structure

Albert dock maritime museum roof truss layout 290.png

Conserving the iron roof at the Albert Dock.

William the Conqueror

The Bayeux Tapestry 290.png

The Dukes of Normandy and the second world war.

Monuments, walls and metalwork

Lime-rendered brickwork 290.png

Conserving structures in historic designed landscapes.

The New Tenement

The New Tenement 290.png

Residences in the inner city since 1970. Book review.