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Fountaine Hospital Almshouse

Fountaine Hospital Almshouse 1890 290.jpg

How to research a building when there are no primary sources.

Hebridean blackhouse

Hebridean blackhouse 290.jpg

A re-thatching project has supported a critically endangered skill.

Unlocking the Church

Unlocking the church 290.jpg

The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space. Book review.

Lewis and Harris

Lews Castle 290.jpg

Lews Castle has been reinvented as a new cultural and heritage hub.

Caithness Broch Project

Carloway broch 290.jpg

Plans to construct a full-scale replica of an ancient Scottish building type, the broch.

A step up

Prefabs 290.jpg

Prefab bungalows offered a chance for residents to progress in life. Book review.

Conservation challenges

Eilean Donan Castle 290.jpg

Rich opportunities lie in the jigsaw of the Highlands and Islands.

The Livery Halls of London

The Livery Halls of the City of London.jpg

Their survival against the odds is a remarkable feature of the City’s history.

Conservation in the Highlands and Islands

Port Ellen 290.jpg

Immersed, charmed and inspired on conservation’s front line.

Royal Academy

The north facade portico of 6 Burlington Gardens 290.jpg

The art of reconnection at 6 Burlington Gardens.

Caring for war memorials

War memorial care cycle 290.jpg

Ensuring memorials are presentable and inscriptions legible.

Covent Garden

Covent garden 290.jpg

Opening up the space below the former Floral Hall.

A baroque miniature

Fountaine Hospital Almshouse front elevation 290.jpg

Why was the Fountaine Hospital Almshouse built in such a sophisticated style?

Characterising Neighbourhoods

Characterising Neighbourhoods 290.jpg

Exploring local assets of community significance. Book review.

Thatch fires

Tatched roof fire 290.jpg

Wood-burning stoves should not be used in thatch-roofed buildings.

The British Mosque

The British Mosque 290.jpg

Book review of an architectural and social history.