Last edited 21 Jun 2016

About Conservation Wiki

Conservation Wiki is part of the Designing Buildings Wiki platform created to make construction industry knowledge freely available to everyone. Anyone can create articles about subjects they know and find articles about subjects they don't.

Conservation Wiki is operated by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation. It provides a platform for sharing knowledge about the conservation of the built and historic environment, from the restoration of cathedrals to the management of conservation areas and retrofitting period, traditional and modern properties to improve their performance.

Where there are articles on Conservation Wiki that are owned and maintained by the IHBC, they are protected from editing and linked to their original source on the IHBC website. Comments on these articles can be emailed to IHBC’s Support Officer Carla Pianese, at [email protected]. Other articles on Conservation Wiki do not necessarily reflect IHBC policy or practice.

Conservation Wiki is a publicly accessible service and the IHBC encourages practitioners to populate it with relevant content as well as to contribute to the development of existing articles. Where appropriate these contributions may be used to inform IHBC policy and practice.

Click here to see a list of all the articles on Conservation Wiki.

To find an article, just type your subject into the search box. Conservation articles will appear first in the search results, then related articles form the rest of Designing Buildings Wiki.

To create an article, first register, then click 'Create an article'. To add your article to Conservation Wiki, tick the 'Conservation' category at the end of the article before you save it. To add your profile to articles you write, just insert your signature.

You can also edit and improve existing articles by clicking 'Edit this article'. If 'Edit this article' does not appear above an article, you may have reached your 5-edits-a-day limit, in which case, just register or log in to continue, or the article may have been protected by its author.

If you want to comment on an article, click 'Add a comment' at the end of the article, or email Carla Pianese, at [email protected].

For more information have a look at the Designing Buildings Wiki quick start guide, or go to the Designing Buildings Wiki help page.