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How to use Designing Buildings Wiki to move prospects into your marketing funnel


[edit] The marketing funnel

There are many variations of funnel, but essentially they are built around the stages of the customer decision process that were identified by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in his AIDA purchase funnel model in 1898.

  • Awareness – The prospect is aware of their problems and possible solutions to them
  • Interest – The prospect shows interest in a group of products or services
  • Desire – The prospect begins to evaluate a certain brand
  • Action – The prospect decides whether to buy
Funnel aida image.png

Marketing activities are then developed with aim of drawing in prospects at the top of the funnel and nurturing as many as possible through the stages of the funnel, hopefully to purchase.

[edit] Designing Buildings Wiki viewers are looking for answers

Publishing informative articles on Designing Buildings Wiki can help draw prospects into the top of the funnel by getting your brand, as the author, in front of viewers looking for information about the subject. Raising awareness of the brand and positioning it as an authority in that area.

Around 80% of viewers arrive on the site via a google search, so they are looking for answers to their problems. Designing Buildings Wiki’s high domain authority means a relevant article on the site is often returned high in organic search results.

These two articles receive 90,000 and 60,000 views a year respectively from organic search results.

Funnel-Search-bill-of-quantities-280920-v2.png Funnel Search-procurement-construction-280920.png

The author also has the opportunity to place external links in the article giving them the opportunity to draw the viewer through to their own content and potentially the next stage of the funnel by perhaps downloading an ebook.

Funnel Velux structural glazing article.png Funnel Velux structural glazing ebook page.png

[edit] Get started publishing tutorial

Watch this 10 minute tutorial video to learn how to set up as an author and publish your first article.

[edit] Relevant articles

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