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I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Reading who is eager to impress and challenge the construction industry.

James Sanderson
United Kingdom

[edit] Ideas Competition Submission


You need to look at investors and bankers as consumers. In hard times like today trust is the key thing that both parties need in any business relationship. To build trust up with our investors (consumers) we need to re-assure them that their investment is going to get them the product they wanted. I believe that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is key to unlocking the trust between us and the investors and hear is how:

BIM's current uses should stay the same if not move in the direction they are already going. But i believe that the image of BIM can be used to simplify the whole project for the eyes of the investors. Investors don't always have construction knowledge some who don't do not wish to know. But market BIM right you can let the whole world know that there is a new way of procurement. One which is more accurate one where you can sell the idea that ALL design and planning work is done virtually before construction actually takes place.

You could Show the investor a model of the water services in the project and explain exactly how much pipe work is going to be installed, where you’re getting the pipework from, when its going to be fitted and exactly how much it is going to cost. If you broke the projects down into key components (ones that most investors or bankers would know that goes into a project) and you were to show the investors that you already knew exact dates and quantities of these components. You can show the investor all this information next to a well rendered image on a screen. If the investor can see with his own eyes there is now more control over the construction process and that BIM as a system fits in well with technology today then their trust in the project will increase. It will be a slow process to get investors on board but it can advertise it right and of course deliver the projects as they are promoted then hopefully more investors will in time be interested.

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