About Ahmad Almekkawy

M. Arch, Intl. Assoc. AIA PMP & LEED Green Assoc. pursuing. 11 years experience in Healthcare Planning. +40 Projects in 7 countries.

Ahmad Almekkawy
United Arab Emirates

As an advanced understanding for (FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION) principle, Almekkawy embraces a complex Healthcare Design approach, merging between three

norms, where FORM FOLLOW PROCESS ( specially the medical process in healthcare planning). People come first, reflected as PEOPLE COME BEFORE ARCHITECT'S EGO, where evidence based design and user experience leads, to perfectly facilitate the patient's care process, and staff stress releasing. Furthermore, a building shall gives more than it takes through being a LIVING BUILDING, applying the most advanced measurement of true sustainability. His planning methodology for healthcare facilities ensures achieving health care planning basics such as way finding, safety, infection control, prevention, human comfort, privacy, operational aspects, human scale, affordable travelling distances, accessibility, expendability, adaptability, healing environment, modularity, & efficiency, in the most dynamic & innovative fashion. He provides an international perspective to his role in client liaison, concept design & Healthcare Facility Planning. Having combined expertise, the focus of his input is the creation of living functional practical spaces within a philosophical based morphologies. His work extends beyond boundaries of singular disciplines to realise the potency of holistic design. Positive, dedicated and hardworking, He sees the promise of rethinking conventional solutions and creating inclusive environments that offer new possibilities for social interaction between the built and natural environments. He has developed a wealth of overall industry experience combining design with project on site problem solving. Currently his role in the practice is design, client liaison, and coordination. With an extensive concept design skills, he contributes the design team offering insight to regional and cultural aspects that may at times affect design solutions created. Through his 11 years of experience ,he had been exposed to many projects, of all scales, types, fields and stages, that had increased his awareness about the whole design and construction process which served his designs.

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