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How do we keep investors interested in UK property?

In order to keep investors interested in UK property, Britain must focus on it's rich heritage. Much of the UK's wealthiest investors come from newly rich countries such as The UAE, kuwait, China and Brasil - countries that lack the diverse and historic traditions that have left their indelible mark on our country's properties.

The above, combined with Boris Johnson's zealous passion when 'selling' the UK on overseas visits has given rise to what I think of as 'Brand Britain'. Events such as the 2012 Olympics and The Queen's Jubilee have catapulted our small Island onto the world stage, more so than ever, meaning that it has never been more attractive to own a stake in the UK, through property. This is shown by the fact that the reason why properties are in exclusive London areas such as Kensinton and Chelsea and Westminster are snapped up by wealthy Brazillians and Russians is because the UK is seen as a port in the storm from economic woes, while affording the children of said investors the opportunites to gain a cultural understanding, in our country's leading educational institutions such as Eton or Oxford, which are also famed for their enduring heritage.

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