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[edit] WRESTLING WITH THE NORTH SOUTH DIVIDE - Does the north envy the south?

Before embarking on my attempt to answer the "IDEAS COMPETITION QUESTION" I would just like to make the point that I am speaking as a born and bred 'Northerner'.

London is seen by some as the financial capital of the world and has reaped the benefits in terms of investment; attracting investors from far and wide. But why should this be shared with the envious north? If your neighbour built a BBQ would you expect him to send you some burgers? (OK, perhaps this is not the best analogy).

London should be proud of its achievements and rather than attempting to spread 'London fever' to the north, in my opinion the north should find their own niche markets. For example Manchester was once known as the capital of the world within the wool trade, and Sheffield for its steel.... lets revitalise these markets!!!

There is a huge revival in British made goods and admittedly Britain can't compete on price with the likes of China etc. However, these tables are on the turn and where Britain can't compete on price it can definitely out perform on quality.

My point may be controversial but rather than trying to break the north south divide lets effectively strengthen it! The south can keep it's bankers but let Wigan's pies become world renowned and Manchester reopen it's mills or even better build new purpose built mills funded by the savvy investor with an eye for an up and coming market.

Its about time for the north to give the south something to be envious of.


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