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[edit] Download Brave Browser to surf web safely on your Android devices

Brave is an

[edit] Anonymous browser for android

from Mozilla's former CEO Brendan Eich, which has been around for a long time. It has an entirely new version on Android with many exciting improvements and the ability to block impressive ads.

In the previous version, Brave has a bubble-like interface, where each website you visit will be displayed in a separate window that you can collapse to a small bubble shape, such as Facebook's Chat Head. The purpose of the developer was to help users browse the web faster and more conveniently, but it seemed that most users did not like this usage, they wanted a browser with high ad blocking capability.

Now, Brave for Android browser has a different version, giving users a browsing experience in the form of traditional tabs they need, while retaining effective ad blocking features on the release. It can be said that this is one of the

[edit] Best android browser for privacy

It can be seen that Brave's interface is very similar to Chrome, regarding the display of features such as anonymous, history, privacy, etc. are identical to Chrome. The most obvious difference is that the orange lion icon right in the upper right corner helps you to turn on / off ad blocking and security features.

Brave can block pop-ups, ads, or protect users from applications that monitor, block scripts, block third-party cookies, HTTPS Everywhere, etc. Brave is also optimized for battery saving and quick data processing.

Brave Browser allows users to surf the web on Android devices at a faster rate thanks to the ability to block ads and tracking from websites. Besides, you will see web browsing with this browser is exceptionally safe when the phone information and data is protected, prevented from being stolen by third parties. You can reset it to promo. The report appears on the browser if desired. This is a pretty impressive application that you should test on Android phones.

Brave Browser focuses on ads that users are interested in and access, then blocks or ignores all other types of ads that appear on websites. Currently, advertising services on the internet, from facebook social networks to sites have a large number of visitors, and ads tend to appear a lot. Therefore, a browser that can remove ads is quite essential. You will be much more comfortable when you go to Facebook without ads.

Brave Browser uses Chromium's source code so users can see familiarity in how to use the same browser with Firefox on Android. If you use Firefox, Brave Browser has more exciting features. You will be completely satisfied with this powerful new browser, and it is designed to help you experience surfing the web with fast speed and good security.

Main features of Brave Browser:

- Web browser for Android

- Block ads on the site

- Prevent malicious link links

- Secure data security

- High-speed web surfing

That is all about Brave Browser. We hope that you will download it from our

[edit] App Browser Free Download

apk store to benefit from its great features. Cheers!

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