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Digital Built Britain

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The origins, evolution and future of Level 3 BIM.

Urban design course essentials


For new and returning Urban Design students, check out our article list divided up into the modules you'll be studying.

Transport design and health

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Report states that health of urban dwellers could be significantly improved by rethinking transport design.

Building of the week


The Kremlin, the centre of Russian power, includes some of the country's finest architecture.

An Introduction to Passive House


A review of Justin Bere's concise and well-presented introductory guide to Passive House.

Typical tender process


This article describes in detail the tender process for a typical commercial construction contract.

Energy storage


What is energy storage, what are the different types and what is its future?

Unusual building of the week

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'The filing cabinet' which was labelled one of the best British buildings of the 21st century.

Understanding place

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Sustaining Saltaire - once the largest industrial building in the world.

Devolution and development


English devolution deals are needed to prioritise infrastructure development, says ICE Vice President.

Construction Engineering Management resources

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For new and returning engineering students, check out our article list divided up into the modules you'll be studying.

Low carbon heating and cooling


The results of BSRIA's survey into the most widely used low carbon heating and cooling technologies.



Take a look at our introductory guide to U-values and how to calculate them.