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Recycling machine

There are many different types of recycling equipment. The type of recycling equipment required depends on the type of recycling needing to be carried out. Often individuals and businesses will take their recycling to local recycling centres, but people who carry out a lot of recycling may choose to invest in their own recycling equipment that is specially designed for paper, cardboard, plastic or metal recycling.

Metal recycling can be very lucrative and many people will collect scrap metal to process through metal recycling machines which they will then sell on for a profit. Metal recycling equipment needs to offer exceptional performance, longevity and be great value for money to tempt customers to invest in their own recycling equipment.

When it comes to recycling equipment, different suppliers may specialise in different types of expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling equipment. Metal recycling suppliers will stock machinery that is suitable for almost any metal recycling applications and some companies will sell both new and used recycling equipment.

The range of recycling machinery for metal products includes: metal shears, high speed balers, combined metal shear and balers, light iron auto-balers, alligator shears and non-ferrous balers. With such a wide choice of recycling machines customers should have no problem finding the perfect recycling machine for their intended purpose of use.

Many recycling machines are designed to be compact and easy to use, and for safety reasons many metal recycle machines will be operated via remote control. Mobile and portable shearers and balers are ideal for users who need to be able to move their metal recycle machines around with for use in different sites and locations.

For more information, see Greenmax.

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